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It’s true. Men jerk off to Facebook Non Nude Girls pictures. Legal age. Men cruise and look for girls who don’t lock down their photos to access by friends only and then they fap. Jerking off to a real girl on Facebook is even known in its Urban Dictionary definition as a “Facebook date”. Girls, think about that the next time you post your bikini cock tease pics from Spring Break in a Facebook photo album titled: Spring Break Daytona Beeeach! But reality is, what’s to stop any of the guys at the pool or at the beach from jacking off to their memory image of you in your string bikini. Even worse, what’s to stop a guy from pretending to be texting, but taking a few cell phone pics of you in your bikini to fap to later.

OK what else is new? Or what else isn’t? Archaeologists have even discovered ancient porn, like caveman porn painted on cave walls. So, apparently visual images of caveman and cavewoman sex was arousing back in the neanderthal days. Now the cave wall is the Facebook wall. Not much has changed except technology. The sex drive is now on the hard drive.

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NN .

There are many acronyms for NN, non nude, no no, night night or nite nite (meaning to say goodnight via text message as NN), not now (also popular in text-ese) and no noobs in gaming parlance. NN is also the abbreviation for noon. My site is not about no no girls, nite nite girls, no noobs girls or nooner girls, it’s about non nude girls. Welcome and check out some of the pics I’ve loaded up for your viewing pleasure and be sure to visit some of the advertisers so I can continue to maintain the site, you know, pay the hosting bill lol. But… NN as in No No girls under 18, this is completely legal site where all girls are 18+ and depicted as 18+. I know there are some sites out there who are trying to get away with some sick shit by pushing their non nude “model” sites and I won’t even talk about it, to talk about it is to acknowledge it and make it come up on Google searches. Why Google hasn’t banned that shit I don’t know. That sick shit has to go away and evaporate off the net and out of perv minds. There are so many barely legal and legal chicks who have non nude pics to enjoy. So enjoy them!

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Wouldn’t you much rather see hot pics and videos of non nude girls sharing their world of hotness with you than nekkid girls or porn stars with grapefruit bolt-on tits? Driving, at work, going to the gym, walking around every day, I see plenty of pretty girls I can deposit into my spank bank for later. Thank you ladies! But sometimes by the end of the day when I’m ready to pull my dick out, I’ve lost that visual image of some of the hotties I saw earlier. So what to do? Check out some porn on the tubes? NFW. I’m tired of that same old, same old porn video crap. I like to look at pics and videos of real girls like this girl’s pics I found below (click her pic to see more), to give me some visual stimulation to sex wax my board icon wink Self Shot Non Nude Pics There is an endless supply of self shot non nude pics like these at Obsessed With Myself and hot ass vid clips like this ultra babe doing the she shakes booty quakes at My NN GF for you to get off to. Check ‘em out now! Click the pink link and have your sex wax and your dick ready for action.

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These days, seeing photos of a naked women on the internet has become oversaturated, watered down. There is diluted mental or sexual arousal over nude photos of women because professional nude or amateur nude photos are so common these days on the net. What men really want to see are alluring photos of girls who aren’t nude. When a girl poses naked it leaves nothing to the imagination. Thus, the lack of imagination, the lack of interest…

Pictures from Facebook, Instagram, Twitpic and non nude photo membership sites are filled with attractive girls who aren’t nude. Even girls in bikinis or lingerie have a lot more sex appeal than just seeing a girl in her birthday suit. In my opinion, I think girls who are non nude tend to be more sexy. They are like a book of secrets, that needs to be opened up and read and understood. There are treasures for a man to discover or imagine. If a girl just presents herself to men in nothing but skin, what is there to achieve? What mystery is there? Where is all the fun of seducing a girl to make her strip, if she is already naked to begin with? Men like challenges and with non nude women, the challenge is there and waiting.

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Non Nude Girls .

Why do guys love looking at photos of non-nude girls? Reality is that there is an overload of girls nude photos on the internet, so non nude girls a/k/a nn girls are the backlash to the fake plastic porn stars and the nude girls who were willing to take off their clothes and go naked for cash. Besides, guys flip through Facebook, Twitpic, Photobucket, Flickr, Instagram and other social networking and photo sharing sites to look at non nude girls, real girls who they happen to find hot. This is why non nude girls memberships websites are also on fire right now,. These sites feature real girls who might strip down to lingerie, pose in bikinis or pose in panties, keep their breasts hidden by hand bras, but they will not take nude self shots or appear nude, at least not on the internet.

Perhaps there is a shyness about them that guys are also attracted to. These aren’t girls gone wild who party then strip naked or girls who want to be the next Playboy college girl pick. These are girls who save their naked beauty for their boyfriends or lesbian girlfriends. These are girls who like to cock tease. These are girls who know there is more sexual power in leaving something to the imagination than in going full nude. Non nude girls may also be just plain smart. They may not want nude photos of themselves on the net, cuz they may plan to have specific careers (like a teaching job) where they wouldn’t want self shot nude pics pinned on Google image searches that future employers could find.

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